The White Sox Are Loving Lefties

The White Sox are having a heck of a 2020 season. They are currently atop the AL Central and have a shot at the best record in the American League. They’ve been crushing it at the plate, and particularly against left-handed pitches. That’s what I want to look at here. Here we have the topContinue reading “The White Sox Are Loving Lefties”

White Sox 3 Biggest Over/Underperforming Hitters Right Now

The Sox hitters are killing it right now! Second in the MLB only to the Padres in OPS (On-Base + Slugging Percentage). But let’s take a closer look at which guys are hitting better and worse than expected. We can measure this by comparing expected statistics to actual statistics. Expected statistics uses the exit velocityContinue reading “White Sox 3 Biggest Over/Underperforming Hitters Right Now”